Learning the global trending topic to help you pass the B1 English Test

The B1 English test is an exam which must be taken by anyone who wants to get the UK visa. However, it’s not a written test, instead, it is a speaking and listening test. According to the britishlifeskills.com, the examiner will use a prepared topic to be discussed with the applicants, so be prepared to be asked by the applicants about anything.

However, no matter how random the discussion topic might be, there is a big chance that the examiner will discuss the latest global trending topic. Therefore, learning a little bit about the global or England trending topic will give you the benefits during the exam. That’s why reading and memorizing about the latest global news or hot topic will be a very good idea, which will help you to pass the B1 English Test. However, it will be even better, if you’re also learning about the England-related hot topics. The more you learn about the current hot topics, the more chance for you to learn about the topic which will be discussed with the examiner.