We share a unique perspective of this Sacrament

Depression is a mental health disorder that occurs at least for two weeks or more that affect the mindset, moods and feelings and how to deal with everyday activities. When depressed we’ll feel sad prolonged, hopeless, unmotivated to do an activity, loss of interest in things that used to be entertaining and self-blame. When depressed, the sad mood can last for weeks or even months. Many people think depression is an easy task and may disappear by itself, when in fact, depression is a form of the disease that more than temporary emotional changes. Depression is not a condition that can be changed quickly or directly. As a result of depression, everyday activities such as going to school or work to be unpleasant even to maintain relationships with others as well as his own family was so heavy. Depression can make you feel life is pointless and may even trigger the patient to commit suicide. Then you might ask, how to recover from depression? If you’re Ayahuasca and look inside to heal what is not working in your soul to return to live healthily.

Ayahuasca is very committed to making the method of healing with the ceremony in a simple and makes them depressed to get a call to come back healthy and fresh in thought. Ayahuasca has a partner in some people who have influence, consciously leader and gifted healer who can cure you spiritually and experienced. The World that is often experienced by Ayahuasca is the world that can be said to be inhabited by people who are sick and are less visible in the clinical symptoms that Ayahuasca will do the treatment and cure by growing world, views on the courage and combat deepest fears in patients with depression. Explaining that there was nothing wrong with your life and as people with depression are not forbidden to dream in order to get relief.

According to WHO, at least 350 million people worldwide are depressed and more than 800 thousand people died of suicide due to depression. There are still many people with depression who do not recognise their condition, so never addressed or at least discussed. Depression is more common in women than in men. If you are experiencing some of the symptoms of depression such as loss of appetite to enjoy hobbies, feel sadly prolonged, it is easy to feel anxious, feeling life is not hopeless, crying easily, feeling very guilty, worthless and helpless then become very sensitive or irritable toward those around and even worse is that you no motivation to do anything even tried to commit suicide. Then you’ve entered a stage of depression and in need of healing in an unusual way, therefore you can contact to get the Ayahuasca healing peace and quiet.